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        I love stepping into people's worlds with my camera in my hand and reminding them of just how special they are. Creating space to enjoy the silly moments and the beauty of the seemingly small in-between moments that leave all too quickly, yet speak so much more of who we are than any posed photograph ever will. Let's capture how well you love one another, let's record the beauty of your connections, cherishing the crazy wide-eyed moments and the beauty within the quiet moments.

        Let's celebrate it all, and tell stories of a life well spent.

        Hi there!

        I’m Nicola, an over-excitable, tangent-taking, emotion chasing, detail-hungry, camera-shy (ahh the irony), family and wedding photographer based in Bangor in Northern Ireland. I live with my inappropriately humorous, ever-supportive husband, Chris and our two crazies Ems & Pip who keep life interesting and bursting at the seams with their infectious mischief and wonderment. It goes without saying that all the fun happens in the midst of our everyday chaos; sharing life with the most accident-prone kiddos ever to exist…. you can generally find me with a camera in one hand and a pack of unicorn plasters in the other! I am also lucky enough to have two amazing bonus daughters, Abbie & Beth who complete our estrogen fuelled blended family!

        I love that my job allows me the privilege of becoming an adopted member of your family for the day. These moments allow me to have a glimpse at what makes your heart happy, whether that be the excitement and beauty of a wedding day, or taking a moment to savour the perfection and newness of your latest family addition. Even the simple pleasures of a lazy family Saturday can become the stuff of legend. But really, it all comes down to making joy-filled memories that you will always cherish.

        With a relaxed and natural approach, my hope and desire is to produce images that you have a real connection with. Opening a little window in time that tells some of your story and will forever bring you straight back to those very moments.

        Nicola Ross Photographer

        Less about me, more about you...

        If you would like to say hello or have a chat about how I can capture some special moments for you and your family please get in touch by filling out my contact form below. I'm always up for grabbing a coffee and having a natter.

        I can't wait to hear from you!